Traydor is Hot Sauce from the Philippines

Made from Siling Labuyo

Traydor Hot Sauce is made from siling labuyo, a type of chili common in the Philippine islands. This small but terrible pepper packs a punch with over a 100,000 scoville units. It’s not as hot as a habañero but it’s enough to deliver heat when you least expect it. Let it sting and linger!

The perfect marriage of flavor and heat

Choose from four distinct flavors. We’ve combined coconut water and apples, mangoes and rum, tomato and garlic and infused honey in our hot sauce. These ingredients are sourced from choice suppliers from the Philippine islands. 

Pair it with anything

This is your new everyday sauce. We developed Traydor Hot Sauce to elevate your food. It’s a great companion to grilled meat, pizza, seafood, fried chicken and even ramen noodles!  


Make Traydor Hot Sauce an ingredient. We’ve emulsified Brutus with extra virgin olive oil to become salad dressing with a kick, turned Mata Hari  into a cocktail mixer. Go wild! 

“ Their well-developed flavor profiles are a great precursor to the level of heat you’ll experience. It could be sweet and fruity at first, but wait until you get to the real deal. ”

“Don’t be fooled by its quite mild scent–the sniff might not wake up your nostrils as much as other hot sauces, but the hotness level here is kickass”

Traydor X

Hot sauce is our jam. We partner with Manila’s finest restaurants to come up with custom blends with our signature Traydor heat.

Interested in collaborating with us? Send us an email at

Traydor x BarPinxtos: El Pirata Matador

We partnered with innovative tapas restaurant Bar Pinxtos to develop El Pirata Matador, a salsa picante hot sauce. This hot sauce is slightly sweet and smoky – the perfect accompaniment to Bar Pinxtos’ Tapas. Made with extra virgin oil, habanero peppers, red wine vinegar and freshly roasted peppers.

Traydor x Gooba Hia Makansutra: Sambal

This is one hot mash up! Gooba Hia of Makansutra Philippines pairs a custom sambal blend that go over kuchay dumplings and noodles.

Get Traydor

Traydor is readily available from Pepi Cubano in Makati, Providore in SM Aura, and Kitayama Meatshop along Pasong Tamo.

You can also buy online from Lococo and Marketa.